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discover the beauty of rab island

Welcome to Rab! With 30 sandy beaches Rab is a really Happy island with a lot of tiny, picturesque coves, recognised by tourists from all over the world almost 125 years ago, to this day, due to the crystal clear, warm and shallow sea, great for the entire family…

Rab cuisine is very simple and mild in flavouring, but incredibly tasty, mainly due to the fact that it is all locally grown or fresh caught. That being said, there are over 300 restaurants on the island (50 of them in Lopar). Some of them use local ingredients...

Some refer to it as the Emerald isle, due to all that deep green nature of Rab. With more than 100 kilometers of bike trails all around the island, cycling is probaly the best way to spend your holidays on Rab. Look for the paths going throught the oak woods all the way down to the beach. 4 bell towers of Rab!! Like 4 masts of a ship: bell tower of the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, bell tower of the church of St. John the Evangelist, belfry of the church of St. Andrew the Apostle and bell tower of the church of St. Justine.

Oh, and most important of all. Rab is an island with abundance of water, so please, drink it and don't buy it in plastic bottles. Help us protect the environment we live in and you love to visit.

Weather on the island of Rab is pleasent as warm summers take turns with gentle winters, amounting to a special kind of Mediterranean climate. More than 30% of the island of Rab is covered in all kinds of plant life from aromatic shrubs along the slopes of Kamenjak carst to lush pine and oak forests housing rabbits, pheasents, birds of prey, even deer on a nearby island of Grgur.

Getting to us

by car

From Rijeka, Karlovac or Zadar it is around two hours by car to the Stinica ferry dock on the mainland from where you can reach the Mišnjak dock on the south side of the island of Rab.

A service runs here all year round, the trip takes 15 minutes, with departures every one or two hours out of season, and continually in the summer months, and this is the best connection between the island and the mainland. Please, if you use a navigations system, make sure that you put as destination for the ferry Stinica! Contact us for any further information you may need.

by airplane

There is the possibility to travel with several airlines to Croatia. Best arrival airport for the island of Rab is the airport of Rijeka. We will be happy to book you an airport shuttle. Of course, transfer to other airports can be arranged too. Just send us a simple mail with your wishes. Here the link to the main airports close by Rab.
Please contact us to organize your transer from and to the Island!


Besides diving, there are a variety of activities that you can do in Rab. These include E-bike rental, sports boat trips, kayaking, boat charters, sailing, parties and festivals, big game fishing trips, paintball, bike tours, walking tours, Chill Out Sessions, jet skiing, beach volleyball, Yoga and meditation, guided tours through the old town of Rab and a lot more.
For the whole family, "from young to old", there are many possibilities!! We can help you to find the best extra activity for you!

We wish you a lot fun for your holiday in Rab!

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