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The Kron diving center

Located in the bay of Kampor on the "happy" Island of Rab. The dive centre opened since 1996. We have a spacious area that offers all the comforts for an unforgettable diving holiday.

The perfect location makes KRON DIVING a unique place. It is direclty at the sea, and has its own jetty. The dive center has a changing rooms with hot showers, and a lot of space where you can stock your dive equipment.

We look forward to seeing you! You will see, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Kron Diving is an SSI Instructor Training Center.

Training for SSI Instructor and training to the XR / TXR Instructor are at any time available.  We have a lot of diving activities, for adults and children: Snorkeling, Freediving, Mermaiding course, Try dives and all SSI courses from recretional up to Rebreather courses.

And for who want to start their professional career by us is possible too, because we have an in home Instructor Trainer. We offer shore dives and we can take you to more than 25 different dive sites, for all levels.


2 speedboats owned for diving trips, one 7,5mt long and one 9m long

Interior with hot showers, Spacious areas for storage and maintenance of your equipment.

2 high-performance compressors with 900 l / min air delivery, Nitrox and Trimix filling panel incl. Booster pump

MARES High quality rental equipment


The "DUPIN" Restaurant, located in front of the the diving centre, is one of the highlight and offers national and international cuisine. You can share your diving experience, while you watch a sunset, and drink something on the terrace.

our staff

We speak different languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish and Croatian.


SSI Instructor Trainer

She comes from Italy, and has worked in many countries like Italy, Maldives, Mexico and Mallorca. Kron Diving is a her new home.  She speaks Italian, Spanish, German and English!

If you want to see Nudibranches or seahorses, then you have to dive with her.


SSI Divemaster

Originally from Zagreb. He fell in love with the underwater world of Rab, and could not stop anymore. He speaks Croatian and English. 


SSI Instructor and SSI Freediving Instructor

He is from Germany but has been living in Rab Island since 1999. He started his dive career in 1993 and since then he is still in love with the underwater world. He has been working in Kron Diving Center since 1999.
He speaks German, English, and a little bit of Croatian.

When time allows, he loves to dive with Rebreather and Trimix.


SSI Technical International Training Director and SSI Instructor Certifier

He is from Germany, but has been living in Rab since 1996. He has a LOT of experience in Technical diving, with Rebreathers and Trimix. Due to this, his name is well-known all over the technical diving world.
He speaks German, English and Croatian! 


SSI Assistant Instructor

Vanessa is from Germany and started her professional diving career in the beautiful Sydney, Australia. Now she wants to learn more and take the next step to become an SSI Dive Instructor.
She has been diving in Berlin, Egypt and of course Sydney.
Vanessa is extremely passionate, spontaneous and speaks German and English.


SSI Divemaster

Elis is from Belgium and comes every year to help us in the high season.
He is a very keen diver and since he discovered the rEvo rebreather, he hasn’t stopped diving.  During the wintertime he dives in the cold North Sea during the weekend when he is not busy studying.
Eli has a great heart, and he is always available to help you.
He speaks English, Dutch, French and Flemish.


SSI Specialty Diver

Reni is a biologist from Hungary with extensive volunteering experience with animals. She has always been fond of swimming, diving and studying all things marine related.
She want to become a Dive Instructor in the future, and this year she is starting her dive professional career.
She speaks English and Hungarian with a pinch of French and Spanish.


SSI Dive Guide

Amelie is from Germany and she had lived in the USA for many years, which is why her English is perfect.
Amelie is a radiant girl. She is studying to become a teacher.
She loves to dive and to discover all the little creatures that you can find underwater.
She is passionate with the sea and she can be your best buddy!
She speaks English, French and German.


SSI Freediving Instructor level 2

Nicolas is an SSI Freediving Instructor level 2, he's been teaching freediving since 2018.  He is in love with the underwater world! Originally from France, Nicolas has been travelling around the world for the past 10 years and has lived in countries such as Canada, Turkey, China and Thailand.
He speaks French, English, Turkish and a bit of Spanish and Chinese.

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