Workshop for underwater Model Photography

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Side note: the images shown were taken in Bali and are used as examples of previous work. The Mediterranean Sea and the island Rab offer other possibilities and locations. As the workshop takes place in Croatia for the first time, there are no reverence images yet.

Workshop for underwater Model Photography

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, the location for the underwater model workshop for photographers in Bali had to be moved to Europe. We will refund the deposits for all participants who booked the workshop in Bali.

In cooperation with Kron Diving the workshop will take place in Croatia. In order to participate in the workshop, photographers need to be certified divers. The 3 day workshop focusses on how to take and edit professional, mesmerizing underwater model photos in the ocean.

The goal is to enable participants to create high quality masterpieces of female models underwater in the ocean. Furthermore, organisation, preparation, safety precautions and post production will be adressed in this workshop.
The number of participants is limited to 7 photographers.

PanOceanPhoto & Travel and Isotta Underwater Housing are supporting this workshop.

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